XdN NetSet

XdN NetSet

This program, XdN NetSet helps you to get your IP address
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This program is designed to be network manager if you find yourself using different methods of getting your IP address.
At some locations, you can use DHCP for the IP, at some other locations you can use Static IP. There are even times where you need to load up a server application on my computer and switch to a different Static IP.

Main features:

- now uses WMI to get some of the network information.
- removed button to set interface metric. i can only seem to get
Windows to use the network based on Gateway Metric, and it seems
like i can only set that when the device is set to static.
- now shows Network Device when you click on the Network name.
- when you run it, it no longer is shown on the Taskbar.
- you can now double click the Tray icon to open the window.
- if you attempt to run a second instance when it is already running,
it will bring the program window to top.
- increased metrics list amount again. Vista seems to default to some
big numbers in the hundreds.

This gives you an interface to switch from DHCP to any selected Static IP profile and back again!

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